The Bible in a Spiritual Perspective (engl.)

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Produktinformationen "The Bible in a Spiritual Perspective (engl.)"
The Bible in a Spiritual Perspective    (Engl.)
Autor: Konrad Dietzfelbinger    
Verlag:, 2020  
 122 S.,   paperback,   dimension: 15.24 x 0.79 x 22.86 cm    

ISBN : ‎ 978-1678195236   

About the Book: 
The Bible is widely regarded as the book of books. In a way, people shaped by Western culture are all children of the Bible: Its language has shaped our languages. Its morality is a foundation of our morality. Its pictures have furnished our world of imagination. Its parables have given material and reference points to our literature and culture. But who really knows the Bible? How is it structured? What is its content? When and according to what criteria was it determined which scriptures were to be included in the Bible and which were not? What is the best way to interpret it: historically, salvation-historically, or spiritually? And what significance can the Bible have for Christians and all spiritual seekers today? You will find answers in this book.