The Birth of the True Self in the Human Being (Engl.) (Part 1)

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The Birth of the True Self in the Human Being:     
The Message of Jesus for Our Time in the Gospel of Luke (English)     
Author: Konrad Dietzfelbinger    
Translator: Herbert Horn   
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform,    2022      
Pages:  204,    Paperback ,  Dimension: 15,2 x 1,2 x 22,9 cm   
 ISBN-13: 978-1508618966   
About the book:   
Already a few decades after Jesus, it had been forgotten that Christianity is a spiritual path on which the image of God, our deepest essence, which is threatened with suffocation under our false, egocentric nature, is again awakened to life. Jesus himself lived this path as an example. Anchored in the divine forces, he brought the true self, the Kingdom of God, to appearance in the measure that he recognized and weakened the false self the pharisaic self-righteousness and the demonic forces of the striving for power, honor, and possessions. The pupils of Jesus followed this path in the forces of their master. All miracles, events, and sayings in the gospels are stations of a precisely structured inner development. Those who read the Gospel of Luke with this perspective, experience a foretaste of the spiritual path of Jesus and his pupils, which can also become their path.