The Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross (Engl.)

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The Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross:    
Lectorium Rosicrucianum: A Spiritual Community of the Present (English)     

Author: Konrad Dietzfelbinger    

Translator: Herbert Horn     

BookSurge Publishing,   2009  

  Pages: 246,     Paperback,     dimension 13,3 x 1,4 x 20,3 cm   

ISBN: 978-1439268988   

The Book:  

The spiritual path as it was walked in all times under various conditions by truth seekers lies at the center of this book. In the Spiritual School of the Rosycross, this way is walked in the sign of Christian Rosycross. It connects to the consciousness of the modern human being on the basis of the original Christianity while at the same time reaching back to the long, independent spiritual tradition of the West. The inner workings of this spiritual school are made transparent for the onlooker: Who were its founders? From which sources did they draw? What are the contents of the Rosicrucian philosophy? How does a spiritual power field work? What is the structure of the Spiritual School? We see that not only the individual pupil is on the way but also the whole community, that this path is not an automatic one, however, and that it can happen that individual pupils under certain conditions may not be able to reach the goal. A spiritual school is a visible model of a human community of the future in which unity, freedom, and love among human beings are striven for. For these characteristics are the destiny of every human being and of humanity. Therefore, renewing impulses can also go out from the Spiritual School to society, science, culture, and religion.

Konrad Dietzfelbinger,
born in 1940, with degrees in sociology and Germanic studies, worked from 1980 to 1990 as reader and manager at a publishing firm and is since independently active as translator, publisher, and author in Munich. Besides other works, he published the Nag Hammadi texts with introductions and commentaries in four volumes (Dingfelder Verlag 1988-1995) and published the books Kafkas Geheimnis (Kafka's Secret, Aurum Verlag), Schopenhauers Vermächtnis (Schopenhauer's Legacy, Dingfelder Verlag), Mysterienschulen (Mystery Schools), Der spirituelle Weg des Christentums (The Spiritual Path of Christianity, Diederichs Verlag), and Die Geburt des wahren Selbst im Menschen (The Birth of the True Self in the Human Being, Verlag Via Nova).